In the past energy systems were mainly designed with a focus on centralised generators feeding into a general transmisson system. This was appropriate for traditional fuels like coal, natural gas or, in particular, nuclear power plants. In these cases, power generation sources are typically remote from where energy is used.

However, the growing demand for cogeneration power installations using also the heat produced during operation of the prime drivers calls for ever smaller power plants. Initially, they were based on Diesel or natural gas engines or turbines.

The still significant impact of fossil fuels and the challenges to establish the required infrastructure have led to some changes. More and more decentralised small power plants are using renewable energy sources like biogas, biomass, wind and solar power. They are less dependent on existing infrastructure and their contribution to a sustainable power generation is growing very fast.

H&T Renewable Power Systems GmbH is focussing on opportunities for such power projects and help customers to find appropriate technologies and suppliers to implement projects that are efficient, sustainable and supporting both – our customers and our environment!