Thermal Air Conditioning

  • High Efficiency Thermal Air Conditioning (HETAC) utilizes thermal storage capabilities of Phase Change Materials (PCMs).
  • PCMs provide stored energy for cooling during peak heat load periods.
  • HETAC cools/recharges the PCM during most efficient period utilizing off peak power and low ambient temperature.
  • Conventional air conditioners operate at their most inefficient during peak heat load period utilizing high tariff power and counteracting high ambient temperature.
  • HETAC requires minimal power to operate resulting in more than 50% energy savings compared with conventional air conditioning

The advantages of PCM as a Thermal Energy Storage System compared to traditional air conditioning are:

(a)  High energy storage density;

(b)  Can store and release energy maintaining a constant temperature.

This can reduce costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and require less space than conventional water based systems.


Battery Cabinets

The PCM panel freezes at 25°C. Therefor at nighttime with cooler ambient temperature of 10°c the PCM freezes. Whereas during daytime with temperatures at 35°C, the PCM will melt absorbing heat within the cabinet.

Overall, the life of the batteries is prolonged by limiting temperature fluctuations.


Process Cooling

Assuming you need more cooling capacity but you cannot increase the number of refrigeration chillers then PCM products can help.

  • By using PCM thermal storage capabilities, existing cooling infrastructure can be used at night to expand overall cooling capacity and accordingly increase production



  • The inclusion of a suitable quantity of encapsulated PC-21 (chilled to -27oC) inside the packaging of the pharmaceutical product can guarantee that the product will not spoil within four days without any active cooling.