AD Plants

Compared to other renewable power plants like wind or solar power plants, anaerobic digestion (AD) plants along with hydro power plants are the only renewable energy source that is generating power on a 24/7 basis.

Sustainability is enhanced by reducing the use of fossil fuel and, thus, cutting the carbon footprint of industrial sites. AD installations also help to replace energy intensive residue treatment systems. They process food waste, animal manures, slurries and also residues from food processing and crops. Very often, the residues of the AD plant can even be sold as fertilizer, creating additional revenue for the owner of the power plant.

Another advantage of AD installations is their flexibility. Biogas can either be used on-site to generate heat and power in CHP plants or be cleaned up and injected into the gas grid as biomethane.

H&T Renewable Power Systems GmbH is cooperating with well-known German manufacturers to offer proven technologies and equipment. These companies have a long history with references dating back over 10 years, besides a lot of European countries in Uruguay, Colombia, USA, South Korea and Australia.