There are different kinds of energy sources received from biomass: plants, waste and by-products, waste wood from landscaping activities along streets, even leaves. Feedstock can be either solid or liquid.

In contrast to other kinds of renewable energy sources, biomass offers one significant advantage: biomass is storable over long periods of time, i.e. months or even years. Thus, it is available whenever energy is needed! Just in time!

Accordingly it is a perfect back-up solution for renewable sources like wind or solar. This way you get a 100% renewable solution that guarantees a permanent power supply.

Bioenergy is produced by electricity generation from used wood and industrial waste wood in biomass power plants. Sometimes, this feedstock is combined with traditional fossil fuels and used for co-firing.

From all kinds of biomass energy, wood with all its various origins, still remains the most important one. Wood pellets are the preferred type. They are used for industrial power plants as well as for local residents with small pellet stoves.