Yury Tyurkin

In 1980, Yury Tyurkin finished the Moscow Machine Tool Institute (STANKIN) where he focused on technologies for machine manufacturing, metal cutting machine tools and tools. After that, he started his first employment at the Experimental Factory of the Allunion Research Institute for Electromechanics (VNIIEM) as a production design engineer. He worked in a field, which was quite new at that time: software development for machines with digital program control. At the same time, he finished the mechanical-mathematical department of the Lomonosov State University with a degree for “Applied Mathematics”.

Then he worked as a scientific employee for two research institutes. At the Allunion research centre for norms for machine manufacturing (VNIINMASH) he developed norms for the reliability of technological systems. At the Blagonravov Machine Institute of the Academy of Science of the USSR (IMASH RAN) he investigated interactions of vibrating systems with energy sources for robots.

In 1991, he started his own business. Since 1994, he has worked in the field of decentralised power production. In 1997, he established his own company – “TeploEnergoTekhnika” (TET). He was sales director until 2009 and member of the board until 2013. His company designed and built boiler plants, heating centres, small electrical power plants and other projects for media supply. There are more than 100 objects in operation in different parts of Russia.

TET used equipment from companies like Viessmann, Buderus, Weishaupt and MAN Diesel AG. At that time Peter Haacke was the sales representative of MAN Diesel AG for the CIS countries and Eastern Europe. That was the start of the cooperation between Peter Haacke and Yury Tyurkin. Together they arranged the successful construction of a power plant with three gas engines from MAN Diesel AG with a total electrical output of 23.4 MW.

At the end of 2014, Peter Haacke and Yury Tyurkin established a company for the development of decentralised power projects with renewable power sources. The company develops projects in the countries of the former Soviet Union.